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  • SK discovery, a 'global holding company' with a focus on future business.
SK discovery business
SK discovery holds highly competitive business companies in various business fields such as environment-friendly materials, vaccines/pharmaceuticals, energy/chemicals and real estate development.

All members are contributing to raise shareholder values by establishing a sustainable growth base with efficient management based on financial stability while enhancing business competitiveness of subsidiaries.
SK discovery business
Through changes in the way we work and the establishment of a high-performing organization, SK discovery has an ongoing commitment to help each business entity establish new growth strategies that are tailored to the characteristics of its business, proactively implement them, and ultimately create customer value in line with the company's vision and mission.

SK discovery is practicing and developing SKMS, the value of its own as well as a unique corporate culture. We widely share the value of SK Brand, SK's core intangible asset, and apply these principles and systematic management to boost business operation performance and fulfill customer needs.

SK discovery is developing distinctive values in a competitive global environment by nurturing humanistic and professional personnel and equipping them with the innovative skills to succeed and overcome tomorrow’s business challenges.